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Welcome To The Helium Factory

We are a creative production agency located in Dallas, Texas. We believe that everyone has a story. Our mission is to tell your story the best way we can.

Video Production

From start to finish, we do it all. Preproduction, filming and post production. Event videography, weddings, interviews, run-and-gun recaps,

Creative Braintrust

As young professional creatives, we’ve got a lot of tricks up our sleeves. From live broadcast-streaming solutions to large-scale guerrilla marketing, whatever you want, we’ll make it happen. 


Why Are You Called The Helium Factory?

Short Answer: The URL Was Available

Long answer: We believe that the best idea isn’t always the most obvious one. When we’re working on your project, we spend a great deal of time assessing your goals and figuring out the best way to help you achieve them. In that respect, the best ideas usually float to the top (see what we did there?) and the rest are banished to faraway lands. Like Oklahoma.


 We Offer Personal Service. We’re a small collective who is very selective about which projects we take on. That means we are able to devote all of our attention on you. We know that life doesn’t always fit within a 9-5, which is why you’ll often find us eating tacos in front of our computers at 1 AM on Friday nights. #committed   

We Shoot Exclusively For The Web. Our crew specializes in creating video content for the web. How does that help you? Many larger production houses operate in a “cinema” frame of mind. Shooting a video meant to be seen on YouTube is a completely different beast than shooting one for a theater screen. With that in mind, our crew sets out to shoot in a way that saves both time and money.

We’ll Make You Happy. Many of our clients become our friends. In this day and age, the majority of our work comes from referrals, so it’s in our best interest to put a smile on your face. We’ll do everything we can to exceed your expectations.  



We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

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